Slip Rules & Policy

1. The Port Captain has the responsibility and authority to supervise SlBYC Slips, to assign and exchange slips based on priority of members on the waiting list and to conduct operations in compliance with these Slip Rules and the regulations of the Long Beach Marine Bureau.

2. Members desiring a SlBYC slip or a transfer to a SlBYC Slips shall complete a slip application at the club office. The Port Captain shall maintain a current log, available at the clubhouse, setting forth all slip requests in order of the date the application card was accepted at the office.

3. When a SlBYC Slip becomes available, the Port Captain shall assign the slip to the member with the highest place on the waiting list who’s slip size request matches the available slip. If more than one slip of the same size becomes available at the same time, the member with highest placement on this list gets to select first from the available slips. In the event multiple members slip request were accepted on the same date, and thus, those members maintain identical standing on the waiting list, the assignee of an available slip between those members shall be selected by a drawing.

4. There shall be a non-refundable charge of $50 to enter any name on a slip waiting list.

5. There shall be no charge for same size slip transfer request and a member may decline as many transfer opportunities as they may desire on the same gangway.

6. It is the responsibility of the member to keep aware of their position on the waiting lists and to be prepared to accept or reject a slip offered when their turn comes. When offered a new slip and the member accepts, the effective billing date shall be the first of the following month, or sooner if desired.

7. When a member is offered a slip, they shall have up to ten (10) days from the date of the verbal or written notice to accept or reject the slip. Failing to respond within ten (10) days will be considered a rejection. If a member is planning to be gone from the area for a significant time and does not want to risk losing an opportunity to get a slip because of a failure to respond to a notice of slip availability, they may provide the Port Captain a letter stating that they will accept any slip on the gangway or gangways where they are listed that may be offered in their absence.

8. A new slip assignee may have up to ninety (90) days to occupy the slip. They may have up to an additional ninety (90) days on physical proof of pending purchase or construction of a boat.

9. If a member declines an offered slip, their name shall be removed from the waiting list.

10. The current slip assignments, the slip waiting list and the transfer waiting list will be published annually in the February Burgee and posted in the Seal Beach Yacht Club.

11. No boat other than the assigned boat may be put into any slip without permission from the Port Captain or the club administration personnel assigned this duty.

12. No slip assignment is effective and the assignee’s boat may not be put into a slip until the member has completed sign-up procedures at the Marine Bureau.

13. No member is permitted to have more than one SlBYC Slip registered in their or their comember’s name.

14. A SlBYC Slip may not be sub-leased or loaned out unless the member has been the slip permittee for six (6) months or more. Therefore, a vacant, newly assigned slip is suitable only as a SlBYC guest slip.

15. Members who have occupied their slip for six (6) or more months may (1) sublease their slip (2) loan the slip, or (3) take a Leave of Absence in compliance with Marine Bureau regulations. If so, that member will notify the Port Captain of such intentions and allow SlBYC or its members first right of refusal for a minimum of 45 days, allowing time to print it in the Seal Beach Yacht Club Burgee. Members returning from a Leave of Absence may go to the top of the waiting list keeping the slip size from which they left.

16. On the initial acceptance of a SlBYC Slip, the member shall provide the Port Captain with a copy of the ownership documents showing the registered owner(s). If anyone other than the registered owners(s) has any ownership in the boat, a list of such co-owners shall also be provided to the Port Captain along with the copy of the ownership documents.

17. Sole ownership, multiple name registrations and/or owners of any boat in SlBYC Slips are limited to SlBYC members only. All multiple registrations and co-owner groups must be approved in writing by the Port Captain.

18. If a boat has more than one owner but the registered owner/slip permittee is dropped from the group of owners, the boat must be removed from the slip within (30) days except:

    (1) when the situation is covered in another section of these rules
    (2) the new slip permittee is the first person on the waiting list for that slip size
    (3) there is no one on the waiting list requesting that slip size
19. The ownership of any boat in SlBYC Slips and the right to the slip permit may be transferred between member and spouse, either voluntarily or through inheritance, without affecting the assignment of the slip, so long as the new slip permittee has been a member, or spouse of a member of Seal Beach Yacht Club for five or more years.

20. Any SlBYC member who owns a boat moored in SlBYC Slips is required to vacate the Slip within thirty (30) days of the termination of that person’s membership in the SlBYC, unless that member was the permittee of the Slip prior to December 1, 2009, in which case the member is entitled to a right of first refusal of that Slip. If the former member chooses not to exercise his or her right of first refusal within 30 days of the termination of their membership as set forth herein, that Slip will be retained as a SlBYC Slip and the Club shall retain control over that Slip from that time forward.

21. Any member changing a boat or the ownership of a boat moored in SlBYC Slips is required to so notify the Port Captain at the time of change and to provide the Port Captain with a copy of the new ownership documents, and a list of co-owners if appropriate. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the slip assignment. In accordance with the Marine Bureau Rules, when a member changes boats, they have thirty (30) days to replace the boat in the slip.

However, the replacement boat may not be put in the slip until:

    1. the member provides the Port Captain with a copy of the ownership
    documents, or application for ownership documents, and documents
    showing the length and beam of the replacement boat

    2. the member has registered the replacement boat with the Marine Bureau
An extension of an additional period, but not to exceed sixty (60) days, may be granted by the Port Captain upon submission by the member of the proof of a contract to purchase or construct another boat. If the member does not acquire and accept delivery of another boat of appropriate length for the assigned slip within the thirty (30) day period or any extension thereof, the slip assignment shall be canceled by the Port Captain.

22. With the consent of the slip holders, the Port Captain has the authority to approve two boats exchanging slips in SlBYC Slips, which changes, in the Port Captain’s opinion, adequately meets the requirements for said re-assigned boat. Any such reassignments by the Port Captain shall be reported to the Marine Bureau and a new slip permit shall be obtained by each boat owner.

23. Member’s slips in SlBYC Slips that are empty for more than 24 hours may be used as guest slip. Members shall report planned absences by use of a float plan, showing their planned return date and approximate time, which shall keep the member from being inconvenienced on their return.

24. All members mooring their boats in SlBYC Slips shall provide such proper and reasonable maintenance as is necessary to keep the boat in seaworthy condition and prevent deprecation of the area. The decision of the Port Captain regarding these matters shall be conclusive upon the member boat owner(s).

25. All listed owners of a boat in any slip in SlBYC Slips shall be individually and collectively responsible for adherence to the SlBYC Slips Rules.

26. Any member canceling a slip in SlBYC Slips shall notify the Port Captain concurrent with notification to the Marine Bureau and the Club shall retain control of that slip, subject to the limitations herein.

27. Action by any member to circumvent the normal transition of slip assignment or waiting list priority by falsely claiming ownership and/or use of a boat shall be considered conduct injurious to the club and its members. Such conduct shall subject that member to disciplinary action as provided in the By-laws of the club.

28. Questions of policy on SlBYC Slips not covered by the above Slip Rules shall follow the policies and regulations of the Marine Bureau.

29. Any action taken by the Port Captain may be appealed only to the Board of Directors of Seal Beach Yacht Club.

30. An insurance policy held by and listing the owners of a boat in any slip in SlBYC Slips must be continuously in effect. The insurance policy, at a minimum, must meet Marine Bureau requirements. Failure by the owners to maintain the required insurance shall result in the Port Captain ordering the immediate removal of the boat from the SlBYC Slips slip area and cancellation of the slip assignment.

31. The initial slip waiting list will be based upon the SlBYC member’s seniority (longevity in the club). Applications for placement on the slip waiting list will be accepted from December 1, 2009 through January 31, 2010 (the "renewed application period"). Applicants who sign up during the renewed application period shall be integrated into the initial waiting list created in 2006 so that the initial waiting list remains in seniority order. Thereafter, placement on the list will be governed by SlBYC Slip Rule 2. The initial slip transfer waiting list will follow SlBYC Slip Rule 2.

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