House Rules


    1. Adult Club members, as defined by the Club By-laws, are entitled to all Club privileges, including the use of the facilities, with the exception of the privileged storage areas. Club facilities are defined as those areas under lease by the Seal Beach Yacht Club from the City of Long Beach.

    2. Any member or guest who willfully or negligently defaces or destroys either the property or equipment of the Club shall be held liable for the full replacement value thereof.

    No one is permitted to rent, borrow, or remove any piece of equipment of the Club without the permission of the appropriate committee chairman, i.e. Race, House, Bar, etc., in charge thereof.

    4. The Club will not be responsible for personal injury, loss, or damage to any property of the members or guests.

    5. No one is permitted to enter the Club House in a wet bathing suit. Members and guests are requested to give consideration to propriety and decorum in their dress when at the Club facilities.

    6. Children under 16 must be accompanied by their parents or another responsible Club member while on the Club premises. Parents must restrain their children with due regard for the wishes and comfort of the other members, and not allow them to run unattended about the Club premises. Failure to do so will make the member subject to strict disciplinary action.

    7. No pets will be allowed in the Club facilities, including the outside deck, at any time. Guide Dogs and Service Dogs are excepted.

    8. While using the Club facilities, members or guests will conduct themselves with proper decorum and shall not engage in any boisterous or offensive behavior. A breach of these rules may result in a request by any Club officer for the offenders to leave the premises.

    9. The OD or a Flag Officer may direct a member and/or his guest(s) to remove themselves from the Club facilities if the OD or Flag Officer believes the member or member's guest(s) is not complying with the "House Rules" or Club Bar Policy" of the Seal Beach Yacht Club.

    10. Members and guests are required to wear their name badges in an appropriate place when the Club Bar is open.

    11. The Club shall not be used by Members or other individuals/organizations for sales or other revenue generating purposes, except for the occasional use of the Club by a Board designated non-member caterer/event planner, and only for private functions pursuant to prior Board approval.

    12. The Club Roster shall not be used by Members or other individuals/organizations for sales or other revenue generating purposes, excluding ads placed in the Burgee.

    13. Smoking will not be permitted inside the Club premises at any time. Smoking will be permitted on the outside deck at any time.

    14. Any Regular or Junior Convertible Member in good standing may make reservations for Club events for his or her family and personal guests. Any reservations made for a function and not canceled at least five (5) days in advance of the event shall result in fees being charged to the member.


15. Members and co-members may invite guests to accompany them at the Club at any time, except when notices specify special events are for members and/or co-members. All guests must be accompanied by a Club member when on the Club premises. Guests of the Club, e.g. participating in a Club sponsored race or other event must wear badges provided by the Club when the Bar is open.

16. Members entertaining guest will be held responsible for their observance of Club rules. Except for private parties, the number of guests an individual member may bring to the Club at one time is limited to eight persons. Guests may utilize the Club, subject to the rules, providing :1) they are accompanied by a sponsoring member or co-member, or 2) they are Corinthian crewmembers for a boar participating in a Seal Beach Yacht Club sponsored event.

17. Members bringing guests unto the Club will have them sign the "Guest Log" upon entering the Club and will prevail upon them to wear, in a prominent location between their waist and their shoulder, a "Guest" name badge. Name badges from other yacht clubs will suffice for identification under the rule. A guest badge will be provided by the OD.

Reciprocal Privileges:

18. No non-member individual shall access the club more frequently then four (4) times annually as a guest, except properly identified reciprocal guests who would have continued access to the club while it is open during their stay in the area, and excepting, however, an member without a spouse may bring a regular companion as a guest without limitation.

19. Reciprocal privileges are defined as the use of the Club facilities by members of other yacht clubs who have been invited by means of an exchange of reciprocal cards. Also to members of other yacht clubs, wherever they may be located, who have the means to offer similar privileges to Seal Beach Yacht Club members. These privileges include the use of dock facilities whenever available.

Club Use:

20. The Club will be made available for rental during the following times without prior Board approval:

* Monday — Friday 8 AM — 5 PM
* Saturday and Sunday 8 AM — 5 PM if there is a club function scheduled
* Saturday and Sunday 8 AM — 11:59 PM if there is no club function scheduled
* Weeknight evenings when the upstairs is not scheduled for a Club function.

* Events shall be closed by Midnight and the premises vacated by 1 AM.

Any person who has been denied membership in the Club, or was dropped for any reason, and who is not eligible for reinstatement, will not be permitted to participate in Club Functions or use the Club facilities at any time.

Private use of the upper deck shall not be granted during posted bar hours or in conflict with any scheduled club functions unless approved by the Board of Directors.

Any person or group desiring the use of the Club facilities will be required to make a request for reservation in writing.  Requests for reservations will be made through the Office.  The person or group requesting the use of the club will receive a copy of the “House Rules” and “Bar Rules”.  They must sign and return a copy of the Letter of Agreement acknowledging understanding of the rules and include all applicable fees. Permission will be contingent upon prior commitment and capacity of the facility, and approval of the Board of Directors where applicable.

24. The following table identifies the fee for determining pricing and access. The rental fee does include all necessary licenses and the use of the upper deck and kitchen facilities of the clubhouse.  The downstairs Library Room has a maximum capacity of 20 individuals for club rental purposes. 

25. The renter must guarantee a minimum to the Club to cover the expense of bar personnel.  If the event generates the minimum bar fee expressed in that column, then the renter need not pay any additional money to the club.  If, however, the event does not generate the required minimum, then the renter must pay an hourly rate for a minimum amount of time.          

Rental Fee
Security Deposit
Cleaning Fee
Bar Fee w/Min *
Employee On-Site
Member Sponsor On-site
Member & Immediate Family (personal non-business use)
$250 min. bar or $25/hr, 4 hr. min.
Community /Corinthian Organizations-Business Meeting.
$25 Downstairs / $50 Upstairs
$250 min. bar or $25/hr, 4 hr. min.
Community/Corinthian Organizations-Private Party<
$350 min. bar or $25/hr, 4 hr. min.
Individuals/Corporate Organizations
$350 min. bar or $25/hr, 4 hr. min.

 *  Prices and minimums based on one bar tender.  Additional bartenders are available at extra cost.


26. All alcoholic beverages used during Club Rental must be purchased through the Bar.


27. You will be responsible for leaving the Clubhouse in the same condition that you found it. Prior to departure, after the event, it is your responsibility to:

* Remove all decorations
* Return tables and chairs to their storage area
* T
ables cleared and cleaned
Wood floor swept and carpet vacuumed if needed
Wash kitchen utensils and put them away
Empty trash containers into the outside dumpster
Clean up the outside premises, if necessary

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